460 COY14The Conference of Youth is organised by and attended by youth of the world who are interested in environmental issues.  It is an opportunity for them to learn about the latest issues, to network and to ensure they are equipped with everyday “tools” for climate action.  The Brahma Kumaris sent 4 members this year.  They organised workshops and meditation sessions as well as attending the events of other parties.  They were kept busy!

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460 1000 COP24 14.12. demonstrationAfter a very busy two weeks, the team prepare to leave COP24.

This report includes:

  • A summary of the result from COP24
  • 2 press conferences
  • Interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • Last day of the conference
  • Photo gallery from the last days

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460 COP 24 11.12 good climate hub 3This report includes:

  • Planning the Earth Day Network 50th celebration of 2020
  • Presentation: Mind and matter: Confluence of two living systems
  • Presentation: Change demands inner change
  • The main BK COP programme: Healthy minds, healthy people, healthy planet
  • An ECO reception
  • Preparation for the press conference next day

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460 COP24 10.12 Caro meeting colaguesThis report includes:

  • Sister Jayanti representing the interfaith community at a high level dialogue
  • A climate debate with a number of groups joining with BK
  • A dialogue of science and religion with several VVIPs attending
  • An exhibition of the SOULS photographs

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460 COP24 9.12 GlewiceThis report includes:

  • Mind and Matter programme held in Gliwice
  • The ecumenical service in the Cathederal of Christ the King
  • Meditation for Peace and the Environment
  • A change in the team

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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson